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I could go on and on about these various invented, organic, exciting verse forms.

I would have done close reading regardless, though here that was especially prompted by so many s seeming to exclude attention to ways in which the lines get ordered. In terms of those formal ramifications, Brainard might confront you with an object or a line over and over and over again, which can feel beautiful and intoxicating but also overwhelming. The exhibition will comprise works on paper including collages, watercolors, and gouaches.

Their poems at first might appear aformal or haphazard in form. The answer is: yes to everything. The lyric is a difficult subject, all puns intended [ Laughter ].

But collaborating with an artist invites you both to engage in something more like an ekphrastic mode. Although we inhabit the city, we have little agency over the city. I thought they were talking to themselves, and that I was being purposefully left out of the brainard new york chat room this might say more about me than them! The 70s? Finally, given your smart positioning of second-generation New York School work as shaped less by influence than by confluence by shared domestic, professional, abstract, aesthetic, textual, rhetorical places and spaceswould you ever write a follow-up study focusing on public, publishing, institutional engagements central to these particular writers?

So I got interested in taking all of this theory, and traveling with it to contemporary, real, lived-in situations, and asking what we do with home, or with a conception of home, when there is no actual physical home, when there is no there there. He has to be one of the most loveable artists of the 20th century. Places, however, can be historically located.

To attempt to pin down time within these very difficult works would be futile. You get the postmodern, no doubt, through Berrigan. Untitled Cherry mixed media collage 6 x 4 inches. How do theorists you cite define and deploy these terms? Jane Jacobs has this wonderful bit in The Death and Life of Great American Citiesin which she places the onus on urban planners, and describes how when you walk down Fifth Avenue, you get confronted by two sorts of sensations: you can look down this endless avenue for miles and miles and miles like in the Who song [ Laughter ]; and brainard new york chat room also can feel overwhelmed by more immediate intensities.

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But when I think of modernist collage, I actually think of Rosalind Krauss detecting a slight yet ificant three dimensionality — pointing back to Beaux-Arts sculpture even as brainard new york chat room points forward to the thick textural surfaces of Abstract Expressionist painting. As Christopher Ricks says often in his public lectures: when you have to make the distinction between a poem and a piece of prose, you face the fact that a poem has line breaks in it.

But I felt that if their poetry was going to stand the test of the 20th-century poetry wars, and be remembered a hundred years from now, then it would be important to actually read some of these texts as individual poems and not just as parts of an aesthetic movement.

Or what less palpable phenomena do you wish to track through your discussions of internal poetic form?

Would more theoretically generalizable or historically determined reflections prove wholly insufficient when addressing such idiosyncratic approaches to poetic form? And this poem recalls all kinds of spaces. But Notley herself explicitly pursues stepping out of the present moment and stretching across time. Flowers watercolor on paper 10 x 8 inches SOLD.

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The gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of selected works by the artist along with a display of his never before exhibited artist books and manuscripts, in celebration of the publication by The Library of America of The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard, edited by Ron Padgett, with an introduction by Paul Auster. You get the backstory. There will also be a group of one of a kind books by the artist of original drawings and collages, mostly made for friends.

I experienced this in my nascent attempt at interviews with Alice Notley, and Ron Padgett, and in reading tons of interview material with Berrigan, as best collected in the Talking in Tranquility book.

Joe brainard

So, ultimately, does Abstract Expressionist discourse get recuperated by the end of your book? You cut paper, brainard new york chat room 10 x 8 inches Private Collection. So to your question about whether or not I would have done close readings regardless of what I addressed, or whether I do close readings here as an act of rebellion, or as a theorizing of what some greater poetics of space might look like…. Are we in the s? Of course even just that title asks you to think about form.

Brainard also gets excited by transforming three-dimensional objects into one-dimensional notations. But these poets resist any such over-intellectualized reflections which themselves offer a form of shaping, of superimposing some type of thought onto an art objectinstead forcing you to experience this sense that their poems proceed from within you as you read them.

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The broader concept of place often gets privileged by anthropologists and cultural theorists over space. They resist fixity. But also I sense certain second-generation New York School poets constructively negotiating those brainard new york chat room conflicting sensations or perceptions. Of course I should acknowledge that conversation emerges as the favored mode of speech in New York School poetry, and that these poets often would prefer to celebrate having fun, as a subversive act in and of itself more on this in the upcoming Brainard book! So I try to draw this connection between spaces we inhabit and spaces we create on theand also just the matryoshka-doll effect of lax urban planning producing congested spaces from which you write seemingly cluttered poems.

Untitled Love Story mixed media 6 x 4 inches. Her newest project surveys the construction of homes within tents of Syrian refugees. But her project is not a public project.

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And these individual poems do remain in conversation with all the work that preceded them, and all the work that will come after them. How might New York School concerns with potentially fractured places and spaces anticipate, for instance, our increasingly digitized modes of contemporary subjecthood? Most of these poems do get lineated, after all. Untitled Dice watercolor 6 x 4 inches. So Brainard becomes this kind of collage-y glue [ Laughter ]. You get the decentered through Brainard. Especially with so much being written right now about contemporary American lyrics, I had hoped to respectfully dance away from conversations about lyric-humanism, about the post-lyric.

I found that perspective persuasive and revelatory.

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In addition a selection of manuscript s will be on view, exhibited alongside his art for the first time. And yet they refuse to brainard new york chat room about it. These poets revel in what you can do with words, the ways in which you can bounce around and not not say, even while saying.

Those rooms had to influence the social and textual formations these poets create. And then which Hoboken? Or just whether you have offered an implicit methodological argument, without prioritizing its articulation. So it felt like Brainard needed to be moved to the center, and that he himself would be the last person to do that.

Space seems kind of inherently timeless, as a complex configuration. Or even Nancy could have been pasted, yet Nancy gets redrawn. This has been cut as a footnote from my book, but I thought for a long time about Manes reflecting on a particular idiom, a pastiche of medieval hermeneutics that took place in Renaissance humanism — with its faith in reason, intellect, and progress. But Kane of course goes further, by drawing connections also to music as an influential art, and to people like Jim Carroll or Patti Smith.

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I want to see what else can proceed from within this form, without super-induced notions of that neat couplet at the end, or that problem and its handy solution. When I want to ask such questions, I pose them to Yasmine Shamma. Untitled Posy Power mixed media collage 6 x 4 inches. Untitled Yellow Pansies nd cut paper, gouache 9 x 7 inches Private Collection.

So I see that less as an arrangement of depth then something like a 3D surface. But also, while reading your Brainard chapter, I wondered where you might place installation in relation to collage, to assemblage, to Brainard. This puts all these brainard new york chat room pressures on a person.

But we do have agency over our rented rooms and what we do within them.

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Download PDF. More and more this seemed to me arbitrary and misleading: if we were interested in containers and enclosures, then why not analyze prison cells or national boundaries, and if we wanted to understand patternings of time, then why not focus on factory routines? And when you return to that conception of place as an instantaneous configuration of positions, then the poetic line gets situated as the place in which such configurations take order.

He did everything for free.

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You can say the same thing about I Remember in a different way. The works are humorous and often have a sweetness to them. On that ground-level, Kane helps to establish these poets walking the streets, working from their apartments — with their connection to art here stemming from the New York School of painting as this well-recognized, well-understood, canonical efflorescence happening all around them. Many of the works relate to writing, including images that incorporate text as both thought bubbles as well as compositional elements.

And so you might read I Remember as a kind of assemblage, containing a sort of depth or a third dimension, but I see again a kind of imagism at work. Think of his matches — how he takes the fire out of them, but brainard new york chat room evokes fire because he could have pasted some matches, yet instead he paints them. In many ways his poetry can feel like the meringue on top of the New York School pie. That especially excites me, because you sense all these figures dancing along to that music on the ground.

Or how might dialogical work, conversational work, collaborative work compare brainard new york chat room writing about whatever you find sitting before you in your cramped apartment? With Berrigan, the invitations just keep pouring in. The poem already has transported me. And then, when you start looking at the connections between Brainard and Padgett, Brainard and Berrigan, Brainard and Notley, Brainard and Waldman, you find a friend to all — when all were not always friendly with one another.

Well, since completing the manuscript I have moved forward, but perhaps not in the direction you might assume. But I find it unhelpful to look for familiar order and pattern when people deliberately live in disordered, unpatterned ways.

You might look for 14 lines. But he takes a puff of his cigarette, and then walks around the room. I have to go in there another way. We get everything laid beside each other in the same moment and place and space, without layers and without hierarchies. But my reading of this poetry questions any binary of the urban and the domestic. Or we could throw in, for concerns slightly more contemporaneous to second-generation New York School poetics, Minimalist art prodding audiences to reflect on their embodied relations to physical places and also to institutional spaces.

So thinking about time as a form of space does provide one possible reading for Mysteries of Small Houses.