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Anonymous June 17th, am. Waiting is better I guess. If things start to feel unsafe or scary, make sure you reach out for help. You are not required to accept responsibility where it is not yours to take and you are not required to apologise, however, you should never attempt to relate or empathise unless you are sincere.

When you disagree with the person who is angry, empathy helps them to see that you are not personalising the issue.

What to do when someone's mad at you, according to therapists

We all lose our cool from time to time; some of us more frequently than others. Try to approach the other person in a calm and friendly way, to prepare a good and structured talk. Wait until they are not angry anymore. Now that you know more clearly what part the other person played in your anger and which part is more about you, write a letter to him or her.

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Give them space if they need it. Resist the urge to unload all your unspoken grievances. If you encounter any resistance, this is a that they have not fully expressed their anger. Or you can talk yourself down from bitter rage into a place of inner calm. See a typo or inaccuracy? Anger is an important emotion. When you believe the person has had enough time to talk through or vent his anger, you can attempt to ease the conversation in a more positive direction e.

But, usually, in general, waiting it out, is helpful.

When someone is angry all the time

Sometimes people express their anger by becoming violent or abusive. Taking time off to cool down can make it difficult to go back and address the issue, but pissed need someone to talk to a clear head can really help to resolve the conflict--there are obviously pros and cons in each situation, and it's really up to both of you to decide how to handle the situation.

You will be more confident when faced with conflict. Get it all out. Thus it will calm him down and will listen to you with more attention than he would to anyone since you are the one who approached him and tried to understand him. Some yell ; others go silent; still others freak out.

Learn what you need. It is important to remember that anger often arises because the person feels disrespected so, demonstrating that you do respect them helps to calm them down. I have a friend, when he is get angry he can say everything and never accept his do some of the things in a wrong way. Anonymous April 26th, pm. Sometimes, we can't afford to wait for the other person to cool down.

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And lastly, forgive. Talk to them about how they feel like handling the situation.

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Not at all. What did the other person do? From experience I can say that when people are angry, they say or do things that are out of character and most of the time, they don't mean them. Explore more meanings. I find myself thinking of people as useless and tedious. This experience was an exercise in expressing yourself in the best way to be heard and understood.

What's the point of happiness if I don't want it? It's not always easy to find the right place to start. It is not one.

Tell them that you will agree to give them space if they wish it, but you are ready to talk at any time they want. Free thesaurus definition of to say something or to speak to someone in an angry way from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education.

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Web Twitter Facebook More Posts. Give us a little more information and we'll give you a lot more relevant content. There can, of course, be a wide variety of ways that we react to anger, many of which are harmful, either to ourselves or our loved ones. Read our guide on dealing with anger for some tools and tips that will ensure you have healthy outlets for processing your negative feelings.

Is your neck tense? You may never know what the reasonings may have been. The following are some strategies which you can use to respond to someone who is angry and help to create a more amicable environment. And what do you want for your day instead? Girl Boy Other Not Sure. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. Manage anger; Not Conflict.

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But it should also be mentioned that you will often benefit as they contribute real solutions, to real problems. Ultimately, the best way to respond to someone who is angry is to make them feel that they have been listened to.

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More synonyms. If this happens, it might tell you that you tend to avoid confrontation and tiptoe around other people.

But you should always be vigilant and remove yourself from any situation where violent threats or behaviour arise or, it looks like they are about to arise. Anger can be a of much bigger issues. Okay, thank you. Anonymous April 4th, pm.

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Are your legs twitching? It's ours. You may find it difficult to respond to someone who is angry because you feel that you cannot agree with their viewpoint. When you hold on to your anger, you prevent yourself from feeling happy or positive, because your negative feelings block out everything else.

In reality, you do not need to agree with the other person and few, if any, people expect others to always agree with them. That's because few of us know what to do when someone's mad at you.

If you have difficulty addressing emotions and lose your cool with your family, it needs to be addressed. Your opinion is important, too.

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Sometimes it crumbles in all ways. You probably realized somewhere along this journey that you played some role in the situation.

If someone is angry at me, should we talk it out at that moment or wait until they are not angry anymore?

Please try again. When you are angry you can say stupid things, you might regret. So, how do you turn a situation where someone's angry with you from a terrifying experience into a productive and nourishing one? Anonymous June 30th, pm. Leaving too much time between eruption and explanation can make matters much worse. Most of us have pre-existing beliefs about anger. It really depends on the situation and how you both are able to handle yourselves in your anger.

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You are telling them that you want to treat them in a dignified manner. Relate and empathise.

Anger management: what to say when you’re too angry to talk

Have they done this before? Those are the kind of opportunities heated moments of emotion offer us as human beings. After I pressed send, I felt a little angry with myself for letting this bother me. When you respond to someone who is angry, it is important that they understand your desire to be supportive. How do you feel besides angry—do you feel insecure, frustrated, or confused?

The pros in waiting until they have calmed down to talk to them is that they will receive and consider what you have to say with a more open mind and with more logic. If I were you I would wait a day or two to let the tempers cool down a bit.

6 strategies to respond to someone who is angry

Usually a calm person would make a more sensible decision of handling the situation more maturely, instead of being caught up in their emotions and making rash decisions. If at any point you feel that the discussion is heading in that direction ; tell the person that you are going to give them the opportunity to calm down and, once they do so, you will be happy to the discussion. Find out more about cookies and your privacy in our policy. Let their anger simmer down.

It is best to wait until they are not angry anymore.

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They'll likely reply you even though they are still angry. No longer because then they will think you don't want to make up and solve the situation. To say something, or to speak to someone in an angry way - thesaurus. Key point. By Jeremy Brown.